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Wind Power
To the Global Warming. It becomes necessary to SAVE & PROTECT our mother earth. World has become conscious and people now work to reducing the global warming by one or the other way. As a part of this imitative. Aroma solar takes the opportunity to help the world in reducing the global warming by providing the solution to generate the GREEN POWER by harnessing energy through renewable, mainly through Wind. Wind power is world fastest-growing energy sources and vital part of mankind’s response to the global warming and security of future energy suppliers.
Aroma solar provides complete solution for small wind power systems, Aroma solar wind generation available in the range of 200W to 5KW will increase your energy independence to great extent. Wind power system use small wind generator to convert wind energy to electricity and charged the battery through controller than supply to the load through the inverter.
Salient Features
  • A pollution free source of electricity production.
  • A high quality and trust worthy product with minimum maintenance.
  • Designed for an easy and safe installation on a terrace or ground.
  • No need of any fuel like Diesel, Petrol, Kerosene or Gas.
  • There is not requirement of electricity supply provides safety and long life to costly equipments.
  • High quality charging controller with over change, under charge and cut off system.
  • Highest production with low wind speed.
  • Benefits in Taxation in commercial establishment.
  • Specially designed protection mechanism for high wind speed.
Module ASW-500 ASW-1000 ASW-2500 ASW-5000
Turbine Capacity 500W @6m/s wind Speed 1KW @6m/s wind Speed 2.5KW @6.5m/s wind Speed 5KW @7m/s wind Speed
Rotar Type Multi blade Multi blade Multi blade Multi blade
Roter Size 2.5M 3.2M 4.5M 7M
Start Up Wind Speed 2.5 m/s 2.5 m/s 3 m/s 3 m/s
Battery 12V - 150Ah 12V - 150Ah 12V - 150Ah 12V - 150Ah
Type Of Load A.C./D.C. A.C./D.C. A.C./D.C. A.C./D.C.
Inverter Applicable Applicable Applicable Applicable
Structure Pipe Power Pipe Power Tower Tower
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